Talent Recruitment, Retention and Development 

Developing our people is one of our core values. We are committed to the growth and development of every employee. To that end, we have established a culture of learning and talent development delivered in the form of classroom-based instruction, eLearning and on-the-job training.

Our training and talent development programs include opportunities for employees to advance in their professional careers through intensive, multi-day classroom training programs in numerous skills and competencies as well as management training programs. These programs are geared to providing our employees with opportunities to advance throughout our Company. Some examples of these training programs include skills-based training for new hires to help familiarize them with the technical components of the role prior to arriving at the jobsite, as well as leadership training for those who may be new to a position where they are directing the work of employees or supervising employees.

We are committed to recruiting, hiring and retaining the highest caliber talent for our business by utilizing outreach initiatives and partnerships with a diverse group of organizations, industry associations and networks. As mentioned above, we share job openings with state and local workforce commissions in communities where we operate to assist with hiring local content and to ensure those interested in applying for a position with the Company are aware of the career opportunities. We also engaged a third party to assist with our diversity recruitment efforts. The Company has also enjoyed longstanding relationships with various military and veteran organizations, which complement our hiring efforts geared towards current and former members of the United States Military. These relationships include regular contact with several military bases near where we operate, such as Fort Hood and Fort Campbell. The Company is also a member of ALLY, an organization that works with member energy companies to promote diversity, attract talent and build a strong and inclusive culture.

With the increase in automated and remote operations, the Company also developed a college recruiting program that is focused on the recruitment of engineering, engineering technology and computer science graduates. The Company expects this recruiting program to attract a diverse group of candidates for opportunities with the Company.

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Health and Benefits

Our health and benefits program provides for extensive preventative care and is designed to improve our employees’ fitness for work, personal safety on the job and overall well-being. We provide benefits including comprehensive medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance plans. Our offerings to employees also include voluntary life and accidental death and dismemberment policies, voluntary hospital indemnity, voluntary accident insurance, and an employee assistance program (EAP). Our EAP provides confidential counseling to help employees with mental health, wellness and other personal issues. Our 401(k) program features a savings plan with matching contributions by the Company.

Our people are our most important asset, and the development of our employees is key to the long-term success of our Company. Our training is centered around four principles:

  • Lead and manage our people.
  • Manage the business to achieve our goals.
  • Efficiently and proficiently operate and maintain our equipment.
  • Partner with our customer to achieve both our goals.

The purpose of this program is to see to it that every employee has access to quality training and development both internally and externally to ensure operational excellence, personal and professional growth and an incident-free workplace.

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Development of Our People


Developing our people is one of our core values.
We are committed to the growth and development of every employee.

Performance Reviews

As part of our ongoing efforts to develop the skills and talents of our workforce, the Company conducts regular formal performance reviews for most salaried full-time employees. This performance review provides an opportunity for the employee to conduct a self-assessment, and for the supervisor or manager to provide feedback and/or communicate opportunities for improvement. These performance reviews are based on core competencies established by the Company, which include areas of technical/substantive performance as well as teamwork, communication and support for the Company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Employee Engagement

Due to COVID-19, the Company adjusted and revised existing initiatives and programs to maintain continuity of employee engagement. For example, the Company offered training relating to virtual communications technology, converted many of its training programs into virtual offerings and implemented virtual onboarding as needed for the training of new hires.

To promote an open feedback culture, the Company continued to periodically hold employee engagement sessions, which can take the form of small group sessions or larger town hall meetings. These sessions were conducted virtually at times. The feedback from these events is reviewed by business management and Human Resources for further action.

Some examples of actions taken by the Company based on feedback received include the creation of a course called “The Art of Communication” that provides the tools and tips to help leaders have more meaningful and effective communications with others. The Company also created a training program to assist with skills needed to conduct efficient and constructive meetings.

In addition, management participates in field-based audits. These audits contain questions to verify our employees’ awareness and understanding of the Company’s policies, procedures and expectations. During these audits we engage our employees to determine their overall well-being, their perspective on issues regarding the development and advancement of their career path and any other concerns they may want to share.

Finally, the Company utilizes the services of a third party to conduct exit interviews with employees who voluntarily leave the Company. The Company reviews this information to get a better understanding of the reasons that employees depart the Company and whether there are adjustments to be made to improve talent retention. 

PTEN Path and Other Related Training Programs

PTEN Path is the organization’s talent development program for field-based employees, providing them with tools, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to successfully work on and progress through various positions within our businesses.

From an employee who is new to the industry, to one in a supervisory position, PTEN Path provides employees with a clear career path. As employees progress though the program, they complete classroom-based training (which includes instructor-led and self-paced E-Learnings), mentor-guided on the job training and specialized training with industry professionals for advanced skills practices. Throughout the process, employees are evaluated by their trainers, mentors and supervisors.

We also offer the following learning and development programs:

  • New Employee Orientation (NEO): All new hires are required to attend the NEO class.
  • New hire onboarding classes: These classes provide new employees with an overview of Patterson-UTI and introduce them to our organization, our core value of safety, key policies and our safety management system.
  • N2I hands-on station training: This training teaches New to Industry (N2I) employees the fundamental competencies needed to work on a rig.
  • Rig on-the-job training: Employees are assigned to a rig to work as an extra member of the crew. A qualified rig employee will be assigned to train, mentor and verify that the new employee can safely and effectively perform the required job tasks.
  • Teaching and mentoring: Employees are taught how to complete each task using the training checklists and policies provided.
  • Supervisory training: Our employees are trained and developed in various skills and competencies and provided further leadership and management skills training in order to be able to progress within our organization.
  • Leadership Series: Leadership training for new to middle level managers and people of influence.
    • Frontline Leadership: Frontline Leadership is a class designed to teach leadership content to employees who are working in their first official leadership role.
    • Art of Communication: Teaches effective oral and written communication skills and conflict resolution.
    • High Impact Meetings: Teaches leaders and people of influence how to conduct effective meetings.
    • Introduction to Successful Rig Management: The class is designed to teach new leaders how to Lead and Manage our People, Managing the Business of the Rig, Maintaining our Equipment through Asset Integrity, Customer Focus through Supply Chain and Working Incident Free / Root Cause Analysis.
    • Service Supervisor Development Program: The class is designed to teach new field leaders Professionalism and Leadership, Operational Management Systems, HSE, Preparing, Planning and Mobilization, Pre-Job Testing, Execution at the Wellsite, Demobilization, and Equipment and Preventative Maintenance.
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