Community and Stakeholder Engagement

We integrate public comments and official guidance from regulatory and enforcement agencies in formulating our policies, including our environmental management, health and safety, human rights and other policies. We are members of industry groups (such as the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC)) and attend roundtables where stakeholder issues are discussed and consider peer company best practices. We also take into account employee feedback and suggestions on our policies.

We respect the people in communities where we operate and are receptive to their concerns. Our customers, as leasehold owners, are primarily responsible for addressing community feedback regarding operations on their land. We participate in community discussions alongside our customers when appropriate. As discussed in “Talent Recruitment, Retention and Development,” we seek to hire workers in the communities near where we operate. We also prioritize procurement of services and materials from local suppliers in our areas of operations where practicable. Procurement from local suppliers helps to support local communities and economic development in the communities where we operate.

We welcome feedback on this our polices and this report. Comments may be submitted to us via email at

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Supporting Our Community During The Covid-19 Pandemic


As part of our dedication to our community and responding to the national need, we began manufacturing hand sanitizer in April in our Midland lab. We donated the manufactured hand sanitizer to health care facilities, food kitchens, school districts and others in the communities where we operate. These efforts resulted in the distribution of over 700 liters of hand sanitizer during 2020. Additionally, we donated personal protective equipment, or PPE, to hospitals and first responders.